re:cognition hack London, June 25th and 26th


The excellent folks at Moov2 are putting on a hack in London on the 25th and 26th of June along with myself and some folks from my team. It’s hosted in the Microsoft offices in Paddington and runs for around 30 hours over the weekend hopefully giving a decent time to get something built and for people to have some fun.

We’d love to see you there – the sign up page is below with a lot more info.


Windows 10/Universal Windows Platform Event–Microsoft, London, 30th September

A quick advert – I’m doing an event at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place (Victoria) offices on the 30th September.

It’s a morning of Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform sessions and the agenda and sign up link is here on the Microsoft site;

30th September, Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform Event

At the time of writing, I’m waiting for our web team to fix the inconsistencies around the times displayed on the page but if take the timings from the table which state a 9.00 welcome time and a 9.30 start time then that’s correct.

I’m also trying to get someone to change the text which says that we are inviting ‘NonProfessional developers’ to this event as it doesn’t sound too great to me.

Hope to see you there – by the way, we’ll be doing work in C# and XAML at this event rather than HTML/JS or C++.

StaffPad for Windows Store

I’m very excited today to see the launch of StaffPad, a groundbreaking music notation application from the UK which features advanced handwriting recognition that allows you to write music naturally with a pen and play it back in high fidelity.

You need to see (and hear) this to be properly dazzled by it – click the picture below to jump to the website and see the app in action;


StaffPad has been specifically designed for Windows and Surface and is exclusively available on the Windows Store;


For me, it’s great example of what Windows can do to drive productivity in specific scenarios that matter by taking an approach that makes computing ‘more personal’ with a big part of that being around natural interaction with software.

Productivity isn’t just about Word and PowerPoint.

It’s also a great example of a professional-grade music tool being sold from the Windows Store.

Put simply, StaffPad is one of the best applications that I’ve seen for Windows Store and that’s especially true when I consider that it’s built by an independent software company.

I’ve been working with the guys from StaffPad for the best part of the last year and I have been staggered by the attention to detail and the quality of what they have put together.

I should be clear in that my technical role in StaffPad has been small – I have answered a few technical questions for the guys here and there but it was nothing they couldn’t figure out on their own and probably faster than I could.

Where I have tried to help StaffPad in a bigger way has been in trying to promote the application inside of Microsoft. I first saw the app around a year ago and wanted to put effort into seeing if I could get it into the hands of the Surface team, the Windows team and anyone else that could be blown away by it. That work is ongoing! Smile

I wish David, Matt and the team from StaffPad all the very best of luck with their application – it undeniably deserves to be seen (and heard)


As an aside, if you’re a budding UK app developer and you’re producing work of this sort of quality – drop me a line, always happy to chat Smile