Windows 10, UWP at UK Future Decoded in November

At this year’s Future Decoded event in a couple of weeks I will be speaking with the half-man-half-sofware-legend that is Andy Wigley on the topics of developing for Windows 10 and the UWP in the Anniversary Edition (1607) of Windows.

We’ll be looking at lots of areas that are new/changed in Anniversary Edition over and above what was present in earlier versions. This adds up to 3 afternoon breakout sessions making for 3 hours of UWP and Windows 10 development at Future Decoded.

We’d love to see you there, click the banner below to register (it’s free);


We look forward to seeing people there on the day and I’ve pasted the abstract descriptions for the sessions below;

image image image

re:cognition hack London, June 25th and 26th


The excellent folks at Moov2 are putting on a hack in London on the 25th and 26th of June along with myself and some folks from my team. It’s hosted in the Microsoft offices in Paddington and runs for around 30 hours over the weekend hopefully giving a decent time to get something built and for people to have some fun.

We’d love to see you there – the sign up page is below with a lot more info.


Windows 10/Universal Windows Platform Event–Microsoft, London, 30th September

A quick advert – I’m doing an event at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place (Victoria) offices on the 30th September.

It’s a morning of Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform sessions and the agenda and sign up link is here on the Microsoft site;

30th September, Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform Event

At the time of writing, I’m waiting for our web team to fix the inconsistencies around the times displayed on the page but if take the timings from the table which state a 9.00 welcome time and a 9.30 start time then that’s correct.

I’m also trying to get someone to change the text which says that we are inviting ‘NonProfessional developers’ to this event as it doesn’t sound too great to me.

Hope to see you there – by the way, we’ll be doing work in C# and XAML at this event rather than HTML/JS or C++.