TechDays UK – Client Development Sessions (80%) Available

The sessions from the client development day at TechDays UK are available. I’ve brought them together here but you can also visit the TechDays site to grab slide-decks and other resources; “The Client Decade” Marc Holmes, Microsoft “Visual Studio 2010 and WPF 4.0” Ian Griffiths, Interact Software “Building Rich Clients with .NET 4.0, Part 1 … Continue reading TechDays UK – Client Development Sessions (80%) Available

Messing with Dynamic LINQ Queries

Mike was chatting to me about how you'd take something like this ( against LINQ to SQL and the Northwind database ); which produces; SELECT [t0].[CustomerID], [t0].[CompanyName], [t0].[ContactName], [t0].[ContactTitle], [t0].[Address], [t0].[City], [t0].[Region], [t0].[PostalCode], [t0].[Country], [t0].[Phone], [t0].[Fax]FROM [dbo].[Customers] AS [t0]WHERE ([t0].[CompanyName] LIKE @p0) AND ([t0].[CompanyName] LIKE @p1) AND ([t0].[CompanyName] LIKE @p2)-- @p0: Input NVarChar (Size = … Continue reading Messing with Dynamic LINQ Queries