AppsWorld Demo– Windows 8 Music Player in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

I’ve posted a demo similar to this on the site before but I was at the AppsWorld conference yesterday and gave a short example of putting together a native Windows 8 Store app in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and someone asked me to record it and put it online and so I’ve done exactly that here.

It’s the start of a simple music player which displays artists, albums and songs and it shows a little about working in JavaScript and a little around working in Blend (at the end) and all the assets are hyperlinked from the end of the video so you can download snippets, styles, etc. and try it out yourself.

I’d recommend perhaps downloading the video and playing it at 1.4x speed because it speeds my voice up a bit Smile You can do that download by clicking on the “vimeo” link and following it through to downloads.

For all relevant downloads like developer tools and so on:

Windows 8 UK Developer Events

There have been a flood of Windows 8 announcements in the past few days…

The RTM of Windows 8 has been announced and we know that from August 15th the RTM code will start to drop into the hands of developers and IT professionals who have MSDN and TechNet subscriptions respectively.

The Windows 8 Store is now open for paid apps as detailed here and Windows 8 will be generally available on October 26th.

We also know that Visual Studio 2012 is finished and that it will also be available on August 15th and that there will be a launch on September 12th.

In short, Windows 8 draws closer by the day and my time reflects that in that I’m spending a lot of time at UK Developer events focused on application developers who are looking to build for Windows 8.

Those events are publicised over here; 

and we have tried to put together a multi-faceted Windows 8 event that caters for different levels of existing experience.

Specifically, we have a day which has;

  1. Presenter-led sessions with demos walking around Windows 8 as a developer platform.
  2. Separate space for hands on labs where you can bring your laptop and build up a Windows 8 application by adding features one-by-one.
  3. Separate space for developers who have already started coding to come along and talk about their implementation or their UX with me and colleagues from my team. My team also has Samsung slate devices for people who want to try their code on a touch based slate.

We’ve already seen a bunch of UK developers at these events (and others) across the last few months.

We hope to see you at one of the future dates 🙂

Windows 8, Stacked Conference, August, Liverpool

I’m excited to say that I’ll be speaking at the free “Stacked” Conference in Liverpool on August 7th on Windows 8 related topics.


alongside me will be my good friends and colleagues Gill Cleeren and Giles Davis – should be an excellent day and I look forward to seeing you there. Click the big blue picture to see the agenda and sign up.