“Hardcore Entity Framework” in London with Julie Lerman, 22nd October

Entity Framework is a different beast in .NET 4.0 than it was in its first incarnation and it’s the strategic .NET ORM from Microsoft which means that it shows up in lots of places like WCF Data Services, WCF RIA Services, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, etc.

I feel that it’s a key part of the “modern .NET stack” and architects, developers and data-folks more generally need to have a good view on its capabilities so that they can decide where they would ( or wouldn’t ) use it.

So, we’re lucky that we have Julie Lerman of Entity-Framework-book-authoring-fame;

Programming Entity Framework

at Microsoft in London on the 22nd October devoting a full day to training on “Hard Core Entity Framework 4”.

It’s a rare visit so if you’re interested in learning about the data stack from a recognised world-wide authority and author on the topic then;

head over to the registration page

this is in a small training room at Microsoft, London so there’s very limited space ( i.e. sign up now rather than waiting a week Smile ).

OData Slides from the NxtGen User Group Festival

I did a short session on the Open Data Protocol (OData) last week at the NxtGen User Group and I thought I’d share the slides here.


There are quite a few builds/animations in that slide-deck so I’d suggest that downloading it will produce a better experience than viewing it on SlideShare.