A Quick Parse of the //Build 2015 Session List

I just flicked through the session list for //Build and was making a note of the sessions that (on first pass) line up with my particular set of interests and I thought I’d publish it here given that I was making the list anyway Smile

Note that the list;

  • isn’t sorted or prioritised in any way
  • has been made without any visibility about what’s happening in any of these sessions
  • is long – looks like around 80-100 hours of material to watch here at least
  • would be likely to be revised once the material starts to show up

With a big conference like this, I always watch the keynotes and then I typically make a few folders on my disk;

  • queue
  • watched
    • vital
    • useful
    • other

and I download as many videos as I can into that queue folder and then watch them and, once watched, I partition them across into one of the other 3 folders for future reference. It’s worth saying that ‘other’ category is often a reflection of whether I think the session is of use to me rather than a reflection on a talk.

I do generally download the videos because I can then watch them when travelling and so on and also because I usually watch them at 1.4x speed or similar.

Here’s the big list (so far);

Windows App sessions

Cross Platform App sessions

IoT sessions

Visual Studio sessions

Web sessions

.NET sessions

Azure sessions

Security sessions

Some ‘mystery’ sounding sessions;

Windows Apps London–App Debugging Tips

This month’s meetup at the Windows Apps London group;

is all about going ‘back to basics’ and talking a little about what Visual Studio can do for app developers.

As part of that, I’m giving a short talk to try and pass on some ‘tips’ for debugging, mainly staying within the realm of .NET code for Windows/Phone apps.

I’ve written blog posts before about debugging and made a bunch of videos back in 2005 around Visual Studio 2005 which still (mostly) seem to stand the test of time so I’ll link to those here;

Debugging Videos

but there’s lots of other stuff on this website if you search for ‘debugging’

Search for Debugging

spanning across Visual Studio and WinDbg – around 70 or so posts it would seem have the word ‘debugging’ somewhere in there.

For the meetup group I put together a set of short(ish) demos of various topics that came to mind when thinking about debugging Windows/Phone apps in Visual Studio 2013. There’s no real ‘order’ to the topics and they don’t provide complete coverage of an area, they are just short illustrations of some point that came to mind when thinking about this session.

In fact, my intention at the session is to let the audience dictate which topics they want to talk about because (as always) I made over an hour’s worth of material for a session that perhaps lasts 30-40 minutes.

Given that I’ve put these 16 videos together, I thought I’d share them here and, again, in no particular order.


JIT Optimisation

Make Sure You Have PDBs

First Chance Exceptions

Native Code

Object Identities

Debugging Suspend/Resume

Debugging Background Tasks

The Threads Window is Your Friend

The Tasks Window is Your Friend

The Modules Windows is Also Your Friend

Run My App But Don’t Launch It

Crash Dumps Can Be Useful

Debugging An Installed App

XAML Visualisation (2015 CTP 5)

Performance Tips (2015 CTP 5)

UK TechDays Online 2015: Multi Platform Apps with Visual Studio Session (C++)

I spent some time talking today at the UK “TechDays Online” event along with my colleague Martin Beeby on the topic of “multi-platform apps with Visual Studio”.


We talked around 3 areas;

  • Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
  • Visual Studio and Xamarin
  • Visual Studio and C++ for Cross Platform Mobile Apps

For the C++ part of that session, I showed a demo of a simple part-built application put together in Visual Studio 2015 Preview using C#, .NET and Xamarin with quite a lot of shared code between Windows Phone 8.1 and Android and I thought I’d share the video walkthrough of that demo here;

and the code that I was using is here for download.

I hope you enjoyed the day if you attended over the web!