A Quick Parse of the //Build 2015 Session List

I just flicked through the session list for //Build and was making a note of the sessions that (on first pass) line up with my particular set of interests and I thought I’d publish it here given that I was making the list anyway Smile

Note that the list;

  • isn’t sorted or prioritised in any way
  • has been made without any visibility about what’s happening in any of these sessions
  • is long – looks like around 80-100 hours of material to watch here at least
  • would be likely to be revised once the material starts to show up

With a big conference like this, I always watch the keynotes and then I typically make a few folders on my disk;

  • queue
  • watched
    • vital
    • useful
    • other

and I download as many videos as I can into that queue folder and then watch them and, once watched, I partition them across into one of the other 3 folders for future reference. It’s worth saying that ‘other’ category is often a reflection of whether I think the session is of use to me rather than a reflection on a talk.

I do generally download the videos because I can then watch them when travelling and so on and also because I usually watch them at 1.4x speed or similar.

Here’s the big list (so far);

Windows App sessions

Cross Platform App sessions

IoT sessions

Visual Studio sessions

Web sessions

.NET sessions

Azure sessions

Security sessions

Some ‘mystery’ sounding sessions;

KoodibooK Book Publishing – WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC2, Azure

Earlier in the year I dropped in to see some former colleagues of mine who are working on a new product/service called KoodibooK at their software company in Bath (UK).


KoodibooK is a product that allows you to build up a set of photographs into a book, publish that book to an online store and then buy copies of the book that you made or, equally, books that other people have made and published.

I really like the application – you can try it yourself in beta from http://www.koodibook.com – it looks great and “feels” really slick, snappy and just “friendly” to use.


I’ve put together photograph books like this before myself using iPhoto on my Mac and I hadn’t come across a Windows solution quite as rich as this one – I plan to try it for my next photo book and see how it works out.

On the tech side – what I really found interesting was that the client applications and the websites/services that the guys have brought together cover such a wide range of the Microsoft stack.

The book creation part of the application needs to be rich and so there’s a Windows application written in WPF that leads the user from the creation of their book through to publishing it to the website.

On the website there’s still a need to show the book off in its best light and so Silverlight steps in ( with some re-use from the desktop code base ) in order to ensure that a very wide range of users can still see the books that are available with high fidelity even though they may not have the book creation application installed.

And those Silverlight “islands of richness” are hosted within web pages written with ASP.NET MVC2 and hosted in Windows Azure – KoodibooK is “living the dream” when it comes to bringing together all those platform pieces 🙂

I managed to get Richard Godfrey and Paul Cross of KoodibooK captured on video talking about the application ( which they demo ), the company and how they needed to harness the power of the client PC over for the sort of application that they wanted to build – it’s a bit of a “warts” and all discussion in that the guys talk about some of the pain points of getting .NET Framework V3.5 Sp1 deployed but that’s the reality of building software ( plus, it’s a lot easier now we have Windows 7 with 3.5 Sp1 already built in 🙂 ).

ScottGu Manchester ASP.NET MVC Video

Similar to the previous Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight videos of Scott’s sessions at the Manchester “Guathon” event the other week, here’s the video of the ASP.NET MVC (and MVC 2) session that Scott did to start the day.

Copying what I said about the previous videos;

I tried as best I could to maintain the high-def nature of what was shot across the 2 video feeds and the additional audio feed and that caused me a little trouble as I struggled to find somewhere to put the GBs of rendered video once I’d produced it 🙂

Ultimately, I’ll try and get these to Channel 9 but in the meantime, here’s a quick cut of the session. Note that the partitioning of  the session into 2 pieces is pretty brutal in that one video stops and the next one immediately begins.

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – ASP.NET MVC(2) Part 1

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – ASP.NET MVC(2) Part 2

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – ASP.NET MVC(2) Part 3

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – ASP.NET MVC(2) Part 4

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – ASP.NET MVC(2) Part 5

Note also that these videos use images from the following places;

Cat Ashton

Craig Shoemaker

so I hope that neither of those folks mind my use of their nice imagery ( credited in the videos ) and I need to thank both;

The View Crew

for shooting the footage and, last but not least, Phil for more-than-helping to put the event together.