“Hello World” Mixed Reality Demo from the UK TechKnowDay Event 2018

I had the privilege to be invited to speak at the UK TechKnowDay Event today as part of International Women’s Day;

and I went along with my colleague, Pete, and talked to the attendees about Windows Mixed Reality.

As part of that, I’d put together a very simple “Hello World” demo involving taking a 3D model of an avatar who appeared when air-tapped on a HoloLens and then fell with a parachute to the floor. This is really just a way of showing the basics of using the Unity toolkit, the Mixed Reality Toolkit and Visual Studio to make something that runs on HoloLens and which blends the digital with the physical.

At the event, we shortened the demo because we were running a little low on time and so I promised to include the materials on the web somewhere and that’s what this post is about.

First, I made 3 models using Paint3D and so I wanted to include that little video here – it’s intended to be spoken over so there’s no audio on it;

and then there’s a little video showing me working through in Unity to bring in the assets from Paint3D and add some very, very limited interactivity to them using Unity and the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

The way the app is supposed to work is that an air tap will cause the creation of an instance of the avatar. She will then fall under (reduced) gravity landing on a surface when her parachute should disappear and then she might sort of ‘snowboard’ to a stop where her snowboard should also disappear Smile

I’m not sure that anyone would want this coding masterpiece Smile but if they did then it’s on github over here;


Feel very free to re-use, share or whatever you like with this if it’s of use to you.