Hitchhiking the HoloToolkit-Unity, Leg 7–Tracking Loss on Moving Between Rooms

NB: The usual blog disclaimer for this site applies to posts around HoloLens. I am not on the HoloLens team. I have no details on HoloLens other than what is on the public web and so what I post here is just from my own experience experimenting with pieces that are publicly available and you should always check out the official developer site for the product documentation.

I’d been experimenting today with a small piece of code on the HoloLens and wandering from room to room in my house and I noticed that when I left one room and went to another I would sometimes see the Unity splash screen show up again on my 3D app and I would assume that my app had crashed.

I wanted to research this and found a great post on the HoloLens forums (which I highly recommend people reading as there’s tonnes of good discussions going on in there);

Forums Post on ‘Changing Rooms’

and that led me to learn more about ‘Tracking Loss’;

Tracking Loss in Unity

which I hadn’t really looked at before and that article has details around how to change the image which is shown when tracking loss occurs;


and also how to take manual control of what happens when tracking loss occurs and what impact loss has on the app and its holograms.

It turns out – my assumption that my app was crashing isn’t right – it was really ‘pausing’ while the device figures out how I’m moving around from room to room and gets a lock on the environment.