Hitchhiking the HoloToolkit-Unity, Leg 1 – Getting Set Up

NB: The usual blog disclaimer for this site applies to posts around HoloLens. I am not on the HoloLens team. I have no details on HoloLens other than what is on the public web and so what I post here is just from my own experience experimenting with pieces that are publicly available and you should always check out the official developer site for the product documentation.

If you’re interested in building for HoloLens in Unity then one of the first and important things that you’ll come across is the HoloLens Toolkit-Unity which is referenced from the official ‘Getting Started’ docs here;

and is part of the 3 open source projects referenced over here;

and ultimately lives on GitHub here;

There’s quite a lot of functionality in the toolkit and I’ve experimented with some of it and wanted to start making some notes about what’s present there mostly so that I can return to them myself in the future but also for others who might come across these pages.

There’s a good page on the toolkit pages around how to get started with the toolkit;

and I thought it might be useful to have a screen capture of working through those steps in Unity and so that’s in the video below;

I’ll follow up with something a little more involved in a later post.

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