Windows 10, 1607, UWP – Screencast of a WPF App Calling UWP APIs With/Without an .APPX Package

This post is just a companion post to a number of other posts that I’ve written around the desktop app converter, especially;

I’d made a demo of making a simple, blank WPF app and then using it to;

  • Call into UWP APIs
  • Call into UWP APIs that need a package identity
  • Package into a UWP .appx package
  • Show the deployment project template in Visual Studio “15” Preview that helps with debugging

All of that was in the original post referenced above but the video below is a little more up to date. It’s also a little ‘rough and ready’ so excuse the production values Smile

It also lines up with this post where I have a short screen capture of automatically making a .appx package from a .MSI via the Desktop App Converter going end-to-end from the installation of the converter through to installing/uninstalling the app;

A Quick Skip Through the Desktop App Converter

I thought I’d publish this after seeing the great post that @qmatteoq flagged on Twitter today which covers very similar ground with more detail so definitely check out that post as well if you’re interested in this area.