Windows 10 IoT Core, Raspberry PI 3 and 14342

By accident today, my Raspberry PI 3 got upgraded to Windows 10 Build 14342 – I was in the process of working on it when I noticed that it wanted to ‘update and restart’ and I’d had it on the preview build 14295 for quite a long time so I thought ‘why not?’ and let it upgrade.

I’ve been keeping my PI 2s on build 10586 because I have some things that I know work on there which didn’t work for me on 14295 on the PI 3.

However, I was attracted to 14295 because it has the option to support remote display which is nice for someone like me who often wants to be able to show people what’s going on from a UI perspective on a PI device and, to date, I’ve mostly been doing that by connecting the PI to either a projector or to a little portable LCD screen that I carry in my bag along with its power brick and its HDMI cable.

A few less things to carry is always a bonus.

I’m also attracted to the PI 3 because it’s faster and because it has built in WiFi and Bluetooth but, again, they weren’t working yet in the IoT Core preview 14295.

I could switch my OS versions around a little more by swapping around SD cards but I’ve tended to stick with this view of my PI 3 as being the ‘preview’ device which has new features but isn’t quite working for me yet and my PI 2s as being devices that were a bit behind the times but were reliable Smile

With build 14342 though things look to have improved quite a bit in that there now is support for the built-in WiFi/Bluetooth although a known issue from;

Release Notes

which says that;

  • “Ethernet and WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 3 may fail on boot a reboot is required to resolve the issue. This issue is more prominent on slower SD cards.”

This is currently blocking me from trying this out although I’m going to try some different SD cards and see if I can get around it.

I like where 14342 is going though because it means that I can simply put 3 devices on a desk;

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 IoT Core

and without needing additional dongles I can network them by setting up my phone as a wireless hotspot and then have the 3 devices all joint that network. I can then get all 3 devices to display output onto the PC screen by;

  • Using the ‘Project My Screen’ app to get my phone’s display onto my PC’s screen.
  • Using the ‘Windows IoT Remote Client’ app to get my Raspberry PI 3’s display onto my PC’s screen.

which makes it a lot easier to demo these things.

That said, at the time of writing I don’t have a version of the ‘Project My Screen’ app that works with the modern phones (specifically my Lumia 950XL) which is a bit of a shame and it’s hard to know whether a fix is coming there because the Anniversary Edition offers the new Connect app which would let me Miracast the phone to the PC screen anyway but, right now, that doesn’t help on my PC running 10586.

In a similar vein, I’d quite like to see IoT Core offering the same ‘Wireless Hotspot’ functionality that Windows Phone offers – i.e. it’d be nice to be able to use the PI 3 by plugging it into a wired internet connection and then sharing a network out to other devices.

Hopefully, that’ll show up in some future IoT Core version. In the meantime, I’ll update this post if I can get the built-in WiFi/Bluetooth working on a PI 3 running 14342…

Update 1

Shortly after writing this post, I did try another SD card and it worked out in that I could remove the WiFi dongle and see that there was still the built-in WiFi adapter that I could use;


and, sure enough, I can then use the remote client to connect to the device over WiFi on the built-in adapter;


I’ve yet to try bluetooth on that adapter, I’ll update the post as/when I try that out but this is definitely progress for me on the PI 3 Smile

Update 2

I did get ‘Project My Screen’ working. I’ve had issues with it across 3 PCs for a long time and I played with drivers and all kinds of things but never got it to work.

It worked for me today on my Surface Book. How come? Because I’ve (very) recently got a replacement 950XL phone that I hadn’t yet tried it with so I have to conclude that there was something about my previous 950XL that made it not work with ‘Project My Screen’. This new one worked first time on the same system where things had previously failed.