More on Lightbulbs–Bit of Fun With Windows 10, UWP, IoT Core, AllJoyn

Partly for a demo but also a little bit for fun, I took the ideas that I was playing with in this post;

“Windows 10, UWP, Raspberry PI 2, AllJoyn and Lightbulb Demo”

and expanded them out into more of a mock home-automation scenario where I’ve got a simple app that you run on a device and define a ‘configuration’ of a building in terms of a few rooms and a few lightbulbs within it. The app then lets you turn the lights on/off and also makes that possible over the network by offering an AllJoyn service and, on IoT Core, it’ll also talk to GPIO pins to turn real lights on/off.

It’s perhaps better explained by a little demo;

and the code (which isn’t particularly well written but wouldn’t take huge effort to polish up) is on github.