Conference Session: “Windows 10, a platform for more personal computing?”

I’ve delivered a session at a couple of conferences in the past week which I called;

“Windows 10, a platform for more personal computing?”

and it’s an evolution of the hands-on-lab that I wrote up here;

Windows 10, UWP–The ‘Automatic Photo Booth’ Hands On Lab

in that we start a project from scratch to build a photo booth which does various things ‘automatically’ and we add lots of features along the way.

Some of those features come from Windows 10 and the UWP and some of them come from Microsoft Cognitive Services so we cover both ‘on device’ and ‘in cloud’ type functionality.

The code that gets built is very definitely ‘demo’ code and when I delivered the session in person I built it up using a mixture of manual construction and code snippets for the larger blocks of code.

In the screen capture below, I build up the code differently by switching between various branches in a Git repository which add functionality as we go along. Naturally, the git repository is available on Github so you can take the code also at any of the stages between ‘blank project’ and ‘completed demo’.

Here’s the screen capture of the session. One word of warning, the audio levels go a bit off the scale at the point where the PC starts to speak back to me so just watch your ears at that point as I haven’t had a chance to normalize those levels across the video;

Here’s the repo on github;

Automatic Photo Booth Demo

One thing that I thought was ‘interesting’ about taking this kind of ‘step through branches in a repo’ approach to building up a demo is that you don’t really need to be a person who knows too much about writing code to drive the demo through its stages which I think is an interesting thing and makes the demo perhaps more re-usable.

Feel very free to do something with any of this although it’d be nice if you mention where you got it should you do so Smile