Build 2016–Early, Personal Session List from C9

Build 2016 is coming up next week and some of the early session titles have gone onto the Channel 9 website.

There’s a huge list here and I expect that some of these titles might be placeholders that get updated as the keynotes progress but, for now, I made a quick list of the sessions that would be priorities for me. It just reflects my own personal interests and it’s a heck of a long list Smile

I am very pleased to see a good selection of Windows10/UWP sessions in the mix here;

What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications

Debugging Tips and Tricks for .NET Developers with Visual Studio

Acquire, Engage & Monetize- Using the Windows Smart Monetization Platform

Universal App Model Overview- What’s New in the UWP App Model

Universal Windows Application Lifecycle- From Activation and Suspension to Background Execution,

Building Desktop Apps in Visual Studio vNext

Project Centennial- Bringing Existing Desktop Applications to the Universal Windows Platform

Driving User Engagement with Connected Apps and Devices Platform

Continuum for Phone- Optimizing Windows Apps Across Screens

Cortana Futures- Cortana and Customer Engagement

Cross-Platform Mobile with Xamarin

Data Science for Developers

Windows Store- Publishing Apps and Games to Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox

Designing Universal Windows Apps- Creating Beautiful and Engaging Experiences on Windows 10

Developer’s Guide to Connecting Devices to Azure IoT

Enhancing Your Application with Machine Learning Through APIs

Enterprise Apps and the Windows Store for Business

Entity Framework Core 1.0

UX for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

HoloLens- Building UWP 2D Apps for Microsoft HoloLens

Build Smarter and More Engaging Experiences with Microsoft’s Intelligent Services

The Future of Visual Studio

Microsoft Vision for IoT- From Windows Devices to Azure

Build a UWP App with the App You Already Wrote- Getting Started with the Windows Bridge for iOS

Microsoft Edge- What’s Next for Microsoft’s New Browser and Web Platform

Pen and Ink- Inking at the Speed of Thought

Maps- Microsoft’s Modern Mapping Platform

Microsoft Identity- State of the Union and Future Direction

Notification Futures- Action Center and the Windows Notification Platform

Design- Real World Design and Development to Accelerate Your Universal Windows App

Spatial Audio in UWP Apps and Games

Windows Store and Dev Center Overview- New Capabilities for Helping Developers Succeed

Give Your Apps a Human Side

What’s New in Visual Studio for Universal Windows App Development

Building Great Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps for Xbox

Web Apps Beyond the Browser- Cross-Platform Meets Cross Device

The Future of C#

Cross-Platform Mobile Development 1- Xamarin

and then, selfishly, these last ones are ones that I’m on site helping out deliver;

UWP Development 1- Building an Adaptive UI

UWP Development 2- More Personal Computing

UWP Development 3- Building Connected Mobile Experiences- Cloud and App to App

That’s quite some list – I guess there’s going to be the usual downloading, batching and watching of lots of videos after the event.

Oh, and then there’s the keynotes! Winking smile