Windows 10 & the Windows Store for Business #3

Disclaimer: These posts represent my own small experiments with the Windows Store for Business. I only have visibility of what’s publicly on the internet and I’m learning here so apply a pinch of salt to these posts as I try to figure things out. You should always check with the official documentation here.

Following from the previous post, I went to Simon’s new virtual machine, logged in as a local account and then tried to see if I could associate that local account with a work account.

I searched for the word ‘join’ to come up with the ‘join an organization’ setting;


and I tried signing in using Simon’s Azure AD account;


and I confirmed that I knew what I was doing on the confirmation dialog (even if I perhaps didn’t Smile) and clicked on the ‘Join’ button and Simon’s PC became connected to the organisation;


And I repeated the process for Ivan on IvansMachine and so now I have 2 users with their 2 new virtual machines and they are both associated with the Backstreets Software organisation.

I let the Windows Store app update itself as there seemed to be a pending update but when I ran the the Store app it didn’t seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary.

I wasn’t quite sure how then to proceed but, after a few misfires, I dug deeper into the Windows Store app for my user Simon and I tried to set him up to use his organisational account for the Store;


which was ‘obvious after the event’ and I picked the right type of account;


Which leads to;


And then, as if by magic, a new area of the Windows Store appears Smile


Very cool – I’ve got my 2 users set up such that they have an association with the Windows Store for Business based on their organisational accounts.

Next step…maybe get them some apps to work with?