Windows 10 and UWP Apps–Experiments with Multiple Windows

Windows. Windows. Windows.

One of the running jokes around Windows 8.0 was that modern applications from the Store didn’t run in Windows but, instead, were full-screen immersive experiences with the exception of ‘snapped view’ and ‘filled view’.

That changed with Windows 8.1 where there was more flexibility around how Windowing worked for applications and I wrote a blog post about that at the time of the Windows 8.1 preview;

Windows 8.1 Preview: Multiple Windows

While watching some of the content from //Build I came across a good session on Windowing and Navigation;

which contained some interesting ‘nuggets’ including that the multi-Windowing APIs are part of the UWP and so work on non-PC devices like phones.

I thought that I’d give that a try out which gave rise to the little video below;

which is just me experimenting around with the APIs across PC/Phone on the preview build 10074 (I’m a little behind the times here).

I’d also say that there’s a couple of other ‘interesting’ nuggets in that //Build session including;

  • What happens to your 2nd/3rd/etc. Windows when your app suspends/resumes.
  • The considerations around tablet/desktop mode on a device that supports more than one of those.
  • APIs for setting the size and so on of your Windows.
  • Possibilities for smarter interactions when your app is “protocol activated”.

It’s well worth a watch if you can find the time for it.