Windows 10 – Universal Windows Apps and Background Work

One of the sessions that I delivered at TechDays in Holland;


was around doing background work in Windows 10 Universal Windows Apps.

I’m of the view that background work is at least as important as the work that an app can do in the foreground and so this is a topic that’s close to me and one that I’ve spoken about on the platform prior to Windows 10 and UWP.

My session wasn’t recorded at the event and so I’ve made a little screen capture of the essence of it below;

and in doing that I made use of some of what I saw in Shawn Henry’s session here from //Build 2015;

and I also made use of some of what I saw in Jerry Nixon’s talk from Ignite 2015;

so thanks to those 2 sets of folks for providing great material to lean upon and, hopefully, that provides a decent set of starting videos that talk about this area of background tasks in Windows 10 UWP.