Windows 10–Simple Universal Windows Platform Demo App

I’ve been out and about on my travels a little in the last few weeks and so haven’t published much here. I’d been talking at the fantastic Techorama in Belgium;


and also at TechDays over in the Netherlands where I had a great time;


and in both cases I gave sessions about the Windows 10 Universal Apps Platform and in both cases I made some use a small demo app that I put together to talk about some aspects of Universal Windows Apps.

I was asked whether I had a recording of that demo and I didn’t and so I promised I’d make one and that recording is here;

I tried to do a mostly ‘from scratch’ approach in sharing this and because of that it turned out to be around 60 minutes long. I know from past experience that I can play my recordings at 1.4x at least so if you want to speed it up a little then there’s your opportunity.

I also tried to take out the snippets where I played a video and my system volume went through the roof so you might find me seeming to stop and laugh at something that is entirely silent in the recording Smile


Update: Here’s the code as at the end of the demo with one exception. You will need to open up App.xaml and on the ViewModelLocator declaration you will need to add your own ApiKey for Bing Search API.