Kinect for Windows V2: London Hackathon on 21st and 22nd March

I’m very pleased to be helping out Dan from Moov2 and of Hacksoton fame who’s putting together a hackathon around the Kinect for Windows V2;

It’s Dan’s event but helping out at Microsoft by loaning out the Microsoft office near Victoria, London and we’re making available Kinect for Windows V2 sensors for attendees to work on.

It’s a “round the clock” event starting on the Saturday morning and running through to late on the Sunday and there’s a chance for developers to either turn up and do individual work, to group up with other attendees and form teams or to come with friends as a fully-formed teams.

We’re hoping to have a lot of fun with it, to find some cool prizes to give away and to have some great bits of work to showcase by the end of the second day.

I’ll be there for the whole weekend along with a number of colleagues from Microsoft UK.

If you’re up for some hacking on Kinect then;


and I’ll see you there, follow @kinecthackldn for more info.