Visual Studio 2015 Preview–Debugging a Xamarin ‘Hello world’ on the Android Emulator

Just a quick note as I installed the Visual Studio 2015 Preview from here;

Visual Studio 2015

onto a system where I already had Visual Studio 2013 installed along with Xamarin’s cross-platform tools and it took me a couple of steps to get things up and running. I installed these features from Visual Studio 2015;


and when the installer ran, rebooted and then launched up the “secondary installer” for x-platform development I installed the list below which was the default set;


and that all seemed to work out with 2 exceptions which were.

Missing Xamarin Projects? Upgrade Xamarin to 3.9

I’m not 100% sure whether this is right or not but I found that when I’d come out of the installation I didn’t see any Xamarin project types inside of Visual Studio which I seemed to get resolved by upgrading my Xamarin installation to 3.9 as per;

Xamarin 3.9

and that seemed to add the VS2015 support (just like the web page says Smile).

Xamarin Apps Don’t Launch on the VS Emulator?

The other snag I hit was that when I ran apps onto the VS Android Emulator I found that the app seemed to start and then immediately exit. It sounded a little bit like this problem;

Xamarin App Does Not Run on Android Emulator

and it does seem to be the case that if I enable this “Fast Deployment” option then the app doesn’t seem to run properly whereas if I disable it then it seems to work ‘better’ and I can set breakpoints and so on;


Just sharing in case this helps anyone else…