TechDays Holland: “Windows/Phone–Building for Both”

My session from TechDays Holland a couple of weeks ago is online up on Channel 9 – this was a relatively long session to talk about where I think Windows/Phone apps have come from and how the situation across Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0 changes with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1. It touches on topics like “universal apps”, WinRT, Silverlight, portable class libraries, MVVM and a few things like that.

I’m not sure whether the larger demo part of this came across as well as I’d liked it to have but you can make that judgement for yourself if you want to have a look. Also I think the AV guy might have been out of the room for the first few minutes as I noticed that my slides don’t show up on the screen for a little while in the video recording here.