Windows Phone 8–flickR searching demo from UK Dev Camps

We’re running some introductory style developer camps for Windows Phone 8 in the UK at the moment targeted at folks who have perhaps done some .NET in the past but haven’t built apps for the Phone yet and as part of those I work through some parts of a demo of building a simple application that searches for photos on the flickR service and displays them.

I got asked whether this could be recorded so that people could watch it back again after the session and I also got asked for the various pieces of code that I use to speed up building out the demo.

I managed to grab a bit of time this morning and recorded the screencast embedded below. It’s not perfect (what is? Smile) but it hopefully gives a flavour of putting together one of these applications while bringing in a few concepts like binding, view models, commanding and so on without (hopefully) going too far on those topics for an introduction.

All the snippets that I used should be available on SkyDrive.

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