Windows 8 App Store Submissions

I wanted to just highlight a couple of links that I wish I’d paid more attention to before I started to write and publish my first Windows 8 app (I have more apps coming, if I can just find some of that spare time Smile).

These are all from the Windows 8 dev-center but there’s a lot of material on the dev center so a few more hyperlinks from the rest of the internet probably won’t hurt.

Here’s my best advice to you;

Reading the documents below is as important a part of the development process as writing and testing the code

Before you build an app, have a really good read of the agreements;

and, especially, the Certification Requirements;

This is like good design. It can save you tonnes of wasted effort at a later stage in the lifecycle so consider reading these to be a pre-design phase of your implementation Smile

The next thing I’d do is I’d make sure that my developer account was fully open and working long before I needed it;

If you have problems with your account then you would need to go here;

I’d then recommend that when you get within around 2-3 weeks of the date where you’re planning to submit your app to the Store, start to read through;

and, specifically, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared;

and especially that you have given thought to these areas which commonly cause failure;

and, should you be unlucky and hit one of those (or another issue) that you’re aware of;

and that you’ve had a look at the submission process;

and that the items on the;

don’t make you say “huh? what?” when you encounter them for the first time.

If you have problems along the way then you’ll want to be aware of;

My colleague Eric is digging deeper into some of these over on his blog so I’d encourage you to take a look at his great series of posts there too.

I’ll admit that I didn’t do all of this before I arrived at the Store dashboard with my first app for the first time and so I spent more time there than I needed to and hence me trying to save you some time here if you’re already in the process or heading towards it.