Windows 8, .NET, Async, Await, What’s Going On?

One of the things that I’ve seen at a number of the Windows 8 Developer Camps that we’ve been running across the country is that a subset of the .NET developers that are coming along are confronted with something that they haven’t seen before – asynchronous support in the compiler which in C# shows up as the keywords;


  • await
  • async

These are common in coding against the WinRT APIs for Windows 8 Metro style apps because a lot of those APIs are asynchronous.

If you’ve been following the .NET 4.0 and 4.5 story closely then these things are not likely to come as too much of a shock to you and I’ve written about them on this blog before;


I was thinking of posting an update that talked about WinRT but a few weeks ago the definitive write-up went onto the Windows 8 App Developers Blog.

Diving Deep with WinRT and Async

and when I looked at it again I realize (not surprisingly given that it was written by Stephen Toub from the Parallel team) there’s nothing that I can add to it other than a recommendation to read every word of it from start to finish and then read it again – it’s a really good guide to what’s going on here.