WinJS Promises #1

I made a few short screencasts about promises in WinJS for Windows 8 Metro style apps. I know that promises are implemented in a bunch of frameworks but they were new to me and I spent a bit of time trying to figure them out as best I could and, generally, I’m very impressed. It’s a powerful and natural way to work with async code although I’d kill for a shorter way to write an anonymous function in JavaScript ( maybe this will help? )

In the .NET world there’s the analogous C# 5 way of handling asynchronous code blocks which I wrote about a little here, here, here and here where I have perhaps just about reached the level of “conscious incompetence” ( see Wikipedia for that one ).

These screencasts aren’t meant to be definitive or official or anything like that so feel very free to send me corrections where you see that I’ve messed up.

This is screencast #1, there are some more to come…

and the next video is here.