Windows 8: flickR searching demo in .NET and JS

At last week’s Windows 8 developer events in London, I did a simple demo of putting together a flickR search for photographs using the Windows 8 Metro style app search contract. I didn’t implement all of the search contract, just a little of it and we didn’t get into how your application is launched for search and that kind of thing.

Someone asked whether I could record the demo and put it onto my site here so I’ve done that and am embedding the video below. I also added a bit of a back-and-forth between doing this in both .NET and in JavaScript and I added one or two more bits into the demo like the share contract.

This isn’t meant to be comprehensive or complete or correct or anything like that. I miss various things out like error handling and things like what to do when your app is launched for search rather than when it’s already running.

Here’s the video, I’d recommend full screen or download;

We have some more of these events coming up in Manchester and Edinburgh – hope to see you there Smile

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