Windows 8 Consumer Preview–Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta

An additional resource I should definitely have added to the list that I published the other day around Windows 8 and Metro style app development;


I’ve been a big Blend user for quite a number of years and while I thought that the preview that came out back at BUILD in September was a revelation in that it started the journey towards designing Windows 8 Metro style apps and doing so using HTML, JavaScript and CSS I think it’s fair to say that it felt quite an early preview and also there was no XAML based tooling in the release.

I’ve only used the build that came out with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for a few hours so far but what I see for HTML/JS/CSS seems like a massive leap forward and now there’s XAML support in there as well.

So…add that Blend Insider blog to your list of resources if you’re interested in Windows 8 and Metro style apps.