Silverlight 5 Released

Silverlight 5 has been released today – you can find the official announcement over on the Silverlight site along with a link to the download and a list of the improvements in Silverlight 5 up on MSDN including features like;

  • platform invocation
  • integration of the PivotViewer control
  • 3D Graphics capabilities
  • remote control support
  • variable rate media playback and hardware accelerated H.264 decoding
  • text improvements
  • (unfettered) local file system access for trusted applications
  • multiple window support
  • elevated applications running inside the browser
  • vector printing
  • binding enhancements like relative source binding, data context changed events and implicit template binding
  • custom markup extensions
  • 64-bit browser support
  • multi-core JITting of code
  • network latency improvements

and a bunch of others. I’ve talked in public or written about a lot of these features on this site over the past year or so and it’s great to see them finally out in the wild in released form.

All of my posts and public talks were either written against the beta or the RC so if you want more up to date info then there’s a great series of “Laps Around Silverlight 5” posts by Michael Crump that you can catch up on;

The other thing that I’d call your attention to is that with the release of Silverlight 5, the support policy for Silverlight has been updated to reflect the lifetime of Silverlight 4 ( which I read as lasting until January 2013 ) and that of Silverlight 5 ( which I read as lasting until December 2021 ) but you should check out the page for yourself.

Enjoy Smile