Back from BUILD

I’m fresh back from the BUILD conference over in California where I had a fantastic time. Naturally, it’s a very exciting time to be at Microsoft and working with client technologies and seeing the opportunities that the future holds for applications and developers Smile

I’ve been developing for the Windows platform in one way or another since Windows NT arrived in 1993 and, as you might have spotted, I’m a huge believer in the power of rich client devices to provide the very best user experience.

On a personal level, BUILD was also great for me in that I met so many friends out there from both the UK and the worldwide developer community and had a tonne of great chats about the technology, where it’s going and what it means.

It was really fantastic – if you came up to me and said “Hey, I know you – I read your blog” or “I know you – I watch your videos” then thanks for doing so because it really put the icing on the cake.

If you want more information on BUILD then you need to go over to;

and if you want more information on developing for Windows 8 then you need to go to;

and, as I’ve said before, follow the blog; 

I won’t be blogging, writing, making videos or commenting about Windows 8 at the moment – it’s not the right time for me or others in similar roles to be jumping into the conversation but please don’t assume that this implies a lack of interest on my part.

I have a machine. It’s running Windows 8 Developer Preview. I’m learning about the platform in the only way that I know how – by writing code Smile