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Following up on the recent post about some of the .NET books on my bookshelf, I daresay that you can perhaps see how I’m trying to broaden my horizons a little with this picture of what Amazon recently delivered to my house;


Fortunately, only that book by Flanagan is a really big book in the sense of the number of pages in the thing Smile 

Naturally, some of the stuff in that set of books isn’t 100% new to me but I’d say it’s the first time that I’ve really sat down and properly tried to study JavaScript rather than, to be honest, just hack my way through it based on a combination of guesswork and internet searches.

I’m reading Flanagan right now. I’ve a vague notion about putting together some reading notes around the areas that “surprise me” as I work through the book.

An example would be that it does not surprise me that JavaScript comments are just like C/C++/Java/C# comments. That’s kind of a “no-op” because I don’t need to remember anything new to remember that.

What would surprise me is that JavaScript scoping rules are not like C/C++ scoping rules. That is;

function foo()
  var x = 10;
    var y = 20;

the fact that y is still in scope here is something I find unnatural and weird and so that’s something I’d have to actively remember and so that’s something that I’d write into my reading notes.

Lots of reading to do….Winking smile