.NET Bookshelf–How Big Is Yours?



I happened to have the books off the book-shelf in my office yesterday and I’d been pondering .NET and it led me to wondering;

“How many books about or still relevant to .NET do I have?”

Now, to be clear, this is just books that I still have on my shelf – I’ve read some others Smile and I’ve tended to borrow them lately rather than buy them and when I say relevant I’ve included a few things about SQL and Windows generally and so on as I’d still look at them today if I needed them as part of working with .NET.

I excluded things about COM, C++, ATL and so on as I’d generally not open those if I was doing something to do with .NET.

I find that I’ve got 70 inches of .NET books when they are arranged end to end and here’s the all important measurement;


Is anyone up to beating this puny collection? Smile I imagine that there are people out there whose biggest challenge will be finding a tape measure that could do the job…

Send me links to your pictures and I’ll add them to the post and see if I can find some kind of Microsoft giveaway for the best I receive…