Client Technologies and the BUILD Conference

I’ve been asked about what will happen at the BUILD conference ( ) many times over the past few weeks and how it will or won’t affect existing client technologies like Silverlight, WPF and so on.

There’s very little that I can say around this area – the company is, understandably, being very careful around disclosing future plans at the right time to the right people and that includes employees like myself.

However, I thought I’d link back to my post around what is public on Windows 8 and to the posts that the folks over in the US point people like myself to when we come along with pesky questions which are these 3 posts;

Standards based web, plug-ins, and Silverlight

Previewing Windows 8

BUILDing a brighter future

There’s nothing more that I can add here at the moment other than to say that I’ve got my ticket to BUILD and I hope to see you there or would encourage you to watch the show online. To an extent, I’ll be picking up new announcements as they are made just like any other attendee at the event.

After that, I hope that there’ll be a lot more to say Smile