Mosaic by Tribune

I was very impressed by the Mosaic application that you can read more about on the Windows Azure blog or by hopping over to the Mosaic site;


I’ve only tried the Windows version so far but I’m keen to get the Windows Phone 7 version too and try that out – in functionality, it feels a little like FlipBoard to me but what I liked about this Silverlight application in playing with it were;

  1. the quality of the touch experience on my Windows 7 box
  2. the metro aspects of the UI – there’s a pivot in there that works really nicely
  3. the seamless integration of the WebBrowser control into the application
  4. and also the search experience – I searched for UK RSS feeds and didn’t expect to find them but it all seemed to work quite nicely

Cool application! Give it a whirl if you’ve got a touch monitor and/or a WP7 Smile