UK Tech Days–MVVM for Silverlight Development

The videos from the recent Tech.Days Live event are available and one of those is the excellent Laurent Bugnion of IdentityMine who did an excellent session around MVVM which you can enjoy from here;

This is served up via smooth streaming so if you have decent bandwidth then you should get a pretty good quality 1280×720 stream. Unfortunately, I don’t have a download option for the video right now so if you’re a little bandwidth challenged or if you wanted an offline version then I’m afraid we don’t have them today.

Laurent is an MVP in Silverlight and has updated his book for Silverlight 4;

Silverlight 4 Unleashed

and is also the creator of the MVVM Light Toolkit which you can find up on CodePlex;


Enjoy – you can find the main Tech.Days site by clicking on the image below;