Thanks for Visiting–Come Back Again Soon :-)

A bit embarrassing but a while ago one of my former managers encouraged me to use Google Analytics to measure the traffic that’s hitting this site. To be fair, it works pretty well and I’ve now got a few years’ worth of data so that I can do comparisons from year to year.

I’ve recently reviewed what that looks like and it tells me that traffic increased in the period May 2010 to May 2011 versus the period May 2009 to May 2010 so I thought I’d share. Here’s what Google Analytics tells me;

30th April 2009 to 1st May 2010


30th April 2010 to 1st May 2011


and so generally across the year the traffic to the site has gone up by around 20%-30% and so just a big “thank you” to folks who continue to hit this site and subscribe in your RSS readers and read and watch what goes on here.

Subscriptions have also gone up a little. Feedburner (woops, that’s also Google Confused smile) tells me that subscriptions have gone from an average of 3899 to an average of 4546 so that’s also great to see.

Thanks for visiting – come back again soon! Winking smile