Customising a Smurf (or creating a custom Silverlight media player)

If you’ve been around Silverlight a little then you’ll know that there’s a framework called the Silverlight Media Framework (or SMF for short which is pronounced Smurf Winking smile) and it contains a tonne of pre-written code for playing media including things like smooth streaming support and so on.

If you’ve been around Microsoft a little then you’ll know that we constantly rename things to confuse the heck out of customers and the Smurf is now called the Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework (or MMPPF which is pronounced Mumpf Winking smile).

Either way, customisation of the Smurf was always a bit of a complex thing to do even if you’d seen the videos up on the site.

To aid with this my friend and colleague Martin Tirion from Microsoft in Holland has spent some time lately customising the Smurf and has put together a blog post around it which also points to the session that he delivered on the topic at the recent DevDays conference at The Hague.

Click the picture below to jump over to Martin’s blog and read up on Smurf customisation or watch his session that he links to from the post;


Hopefully Martin isn’t in any danger from that enormous butterfly and apologies to any visitors who came to this page and were expecting something more along these lines;

which is what I get from Bing when I search for “custom smurfs” Winking smile