MIX11 Silverlight Bootcamp–Slides and Demo Code

I’ve uploaded all the slides and the demo code from the MIX11 Bootcamp that John and I delivered last month in Las Vegas.

John has already written up his “guitar shop” demo so you can find additional notes on that post.

For my own demos, I’ve included all the code and config files but there’s quite a degree of setup that you’d have to do with your local IIS server in order to get into the configuration that I showed on the day and I doubt you’d have much success with this if you hadn’t actually seen the sessions in person as you’d be fumbling about in the dark.

The download file is at the promised URL;


Hopefully you can find some useful bits and pieces in there and it’s not too opaque as to how things were put together.

Thanks once again to the people that came along on the day – it was great to see the level of interest in Silverlight and great to be part of putting this workshop together.