UK Virtual Client Conference–”Modern Windows Applications” Session

We ran an online event in the UK yesterday around client technologies with the main themes being around Silverlight, HTML, Internet Explorer and Windows.

We had some great speakers including;

and we also had the “Local Legend” that is Mark Quirk to keynote the day and set the scene with a view across the client landscape and where Microsoft fits into it.

The online event was run in Live Meeting which (mostly) went pretty well but we had some latency issues in one or two of the sessions which were recorded but are not, as yet, available online.

My session around “Modern Windows Applications” was one that suffered a little and so I thought I’d re-record that to give a better quality of screen capture and I’m including the video here – it’s similar to another session that I’ve recorded on the same subject but it has a different, single demo application that we add features to whereas the previous session was a little more piecemeal;

Enjoy and thanks if you “came along” to the event yesterday Smile