Channel 9 Revisited

I’ve just been doing a bit of a review around videos/screencasts that I’ve put on Channel 9 over the past few years and I’m staggered by how many viewings they’ve taken.

From a quick count, it looks like I’ve put 112 different screencasts/videos onto Channel 9 in total and (according to the C9 figures) those have been collectively watched;

1.3 million


I find that astonishing although it does perhaps say more about how many videos I’ve made rather than how many people have watched each video Winking smile

( If you watched any of those videos then “thanks!” and I hope you found them useful and apologies where they have got out of date with respect to betas and so on )

I’ve been avoiding putting new material onto Channel 9 in recent months for reasons I won’t bore you with here but I think my early New Year resolution for 2011 will be to get a bunch of stuff back on Channel 9.

Here’s the link to all my “old” stuff but bear in mind that some of those betas have now expired;