7th October, Manchester–FREE Windows Phone 7 Jump Start

The days are ticking down to the Windows Phone 7 launch. The platform and tools bits are out there and it’s just a matter of waiting for devices…

For a brief while I managed to get my XAML-centric, Silverlight-centric, client-centric mits on Windows Phone 7 back when the beta came out but then my colleague, Mike,  came in and stole the show leaving me in the dust when it came to Windows Phone 7 resources Smile

I’ve been keeping my eye on developments though. I might not be saying much publicly but I’m following the developments very closely and one of the key resources that came out in the meantime was the excellent materials that were put together by the UK’s own Andy Wigley and Rob Miles.


So, we’re very lucky to have both;

Andy and Rob

presenting a;

whole day of Windows Phone 7 development

in my own fair city of;


at the cinema;

on the;

7th October

which means that you get;

comfy seats, great screens

and that you can;

eat a load of bad junk food

and then feel good about it by claiming;

“I had to, there was nothing else on offer”

so, get yourself over to the site and stop mucking about and;


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the letters;



and the number


Thank you.