Slides from Silverlight Networking Session, NxtGen User Group, Birmingham

Thanks to everyone who came along to my talk this evening on networking in Silverlight 4 at the NxtGen User Group in Birmingham.

There were a couple of questions that I wanted to check answers to;

  1. How many concurrent connections are allowed on the HTTP client stack – I took a stab at 6 which looks to be the answer based on this MSDN page.
  2. Does Silverlight really support SOAP 1.2? I said that I was 86% sure that it did and the MSDN page here does indeed say that SOAP 1.2 is supported.

Here’s the slides that I used for the session;


Update – 24th September, I tried the new embed functionality from the PowerPoint Web App – results weren’t very successful on first attempt but here’s the URL at least Smile