Visual Studio Solution Navigator

From the Visual Studio blog, the “Solution Navigator” looks pretty cool…

Update: I changed my mind on this. This is not just about the “Solution Navigator” which turns out to be very cool indeed and a far better way of navigating around your solution than the Solution Explorer.

Solution Navigator

but installing the Power Tools (which I must admit I haven’t done before) gives you so much more.

It’s “Visual Studio 2010++”

Now, one or two things I’m finding it hard to work with – specifically I’ve got very used to the way I type my brackets (braces) and the Power Tools are trying to be a bit too clever for my liking but I can turn stuff on/off so that’s fine;

Productivity Power Tools - Tools Options Support

and I was a little suspicious at first of the “Searchable Add Reference” dialog but I’m starting to really like it;


and I have no idea what you call this thing where I hover over a parameter;


and it lets me do the “nav thing” right there on the tooltip;


but it’s all very neat – I’d say if you haven’t got these installed into your Visual Studio 2010 then you should do.