48 Best Free Software Downloads from Microsoft

Just a quick call-out for a page I visit from time to time on TechRadar.

48 best free software downloads from Microsoft

It’s been there a while but I had cause to revisit it today to find out more about the free “Learning Content Development System” which is something you might want to try if you put together online courses. I hadn’t seen it before and hence I went and revisited that page to see how it ranked up there.

Of the 48 things listed here I use;

  • Debugging Tools for Windows
  • Process Monitor
  • Virtual PC
  • Process Explorer
  • Expression Encoder (although I admit I’m on the paid for version of 4.0)
  • pptPlex (although not very often)
  • Desktops
  • SharedView
  • Visual Studio Express Editions
  • Web Platform Installer
  • Silverlight

Naturally, you could argue for some other things to be in that list ( SQL Express? Windows Phone Tools? etc. ) but it’s a good resource nonetheless.