A Sliver of Silverlight on ActiveTuts

I’ve got a couple of little Silverlight tutorials up on the ActiveTuts site;


for active followers of this blog and for folks that are heavily into Silverlight they’re possibly a bit on the introductory-end of the spectrum and I certainly don’t claim that they’re comprehensive in any way, shape or form – just me making some use of Silverlight 4, the Bing Maps control, Visual Studio 2010 and a little bit of Expression Blend 4 to put something together.

I’m hoping to revisit with more explanation around some of the things that drop out of that tutorial if enough folks show interest in Silverlight on a site that’s about RIA but which is primarily (or entirely Smile) about Flash, ActionScript and Flex up until now so I’m very pleased to be able to put a little tiny sliver of Silverlight amongst those techs.