VS2010, Silverlight, Blend, Phone 7 Upgrade

I’ve been holding back on moving to Visual Studio 2010 RTM because I wanted to keep all the bits that I had on my machine working including the Windows Phone 7 preview developer bits handed out at MIX10.

But I was finding it more painful to stay there ( because e.g. I had products demanding .NET Framework 4.0 in order to install ) and new bits just came out for Windows Phone 7 development so I thought I’d upgrade.

I installed Visual Studio 2010 RTM. That was painless for me although uninstalling the previous bits took a long time because I messed up the uninstall order and ended up in a situation where I’d not got Visual Studio installed but still had some Visual Studio add-on tooling installed and the latter wasn’t happy about uninstalling without the former being present.

I fixed this in the end by putting VS2010 RC back on my box whilst uninstalling some of the other add-on bits. My mistake.

With Visual Studio 2010 RTM installed I added the extra bits that I need ( for now ) which were;

The latest drop of the Silverlight 4 tools (RC 2) for Visual Studio 2010 RTM

that gives me the developer runtime, the tooling for VS2010, the SDK and WCF RIA Services RC2.

I did a quick “hello world” in Silverlight 4 to make sure that seemed to be working (and noticed that the RIA Services templates looked to be present) and that worked fine so then I installed;

The Silverlight 4 April 2010 Toolkit

That seemed to work out ok and I made sure I could add a quick bit of Toolkit magic to my “hello world” project ( I threw a quick Chart onto my design surface ).

Then I thought I’d add in the WCF RIA Services toolkit;

The WCF RIA Services Toolkit April 2010 

and that seemed fine although I haven’t tested it out yet ( but I want it for its Soap/Json endpoints for Domain Services ).

Next it was time to reach out to my creative side so I went and grabbed Expression Blend;

Expression Blend 4 Release Candidate

and that installed fine. I did a quick smoke-test to ensure I could make a Silverlight 4 application in there and that looked like it was working fine.

The only thing remaining then was the bits for Windows Phone 7. By the way – there’s a caveat around this installation so make sure that you read it before installing because there’s a problem with Authenticode signed assemblies.

If you’ve read that and you’re happy to continue then you can grab;

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP – April Refresh

Expression Blend Add-In Preview 2 for Windows Phone

I installed them in that order and made sure that I could create, run and debug a new phone application after installing the first package and that I could do the same in Blend after the second package.

And…all seems to be good. First thing I took a look at was the new Microsoft.Phone.Execution.dll assembly which looks to have the WindowsPhoneEvents.Pause and Resume events – cool 🙂