Is this thing on?

An unusually quiet time on the blogging front for me – apologies but I’ve been a little “busy” 🙂

Along with John, I delivered a Silverlight workshop at MIX10 which was a lot of fun and the feedback was great ( thanks if you came along ) but it involved a bunch of effort as it was a bit of a “one-off” session.

After MIX, I came back and headed out to DevDays in Holland and then TechDays in Belgium. Again, thanks to all that came along and remember to FEEDBACK as/when you get the email asking you to do so.

I ran 5 talks across those 2 conferences and some of the slide-decks are now starting to be available from the website for download. My talks were;

  • Silverlight 4 – What’s New Part 1 and 2
  • Silverlight 4 – A Guided Tour of the Network Stack
  • Silverlight 4 – A Guided Tour of MEF ( x 2 )

Video recordings are also starting to show up with the first one being available here;

After TechDays in Belgium, comes next week’s TechDays in London where I’m doing a few slots;

  • Tuesday – talking briefly about Visual Studio 2010 features for Silverlight applications
  • Wednesday – talking for an hour or two about Silverlight 4 from a “What’s New” perspective
  • Friday – talking for an hour or so about Silverlight for Windows Phone

Hope to see you there – normal blogging/video’ing service will resume once I catch my breath 🙂

( I’ll update the post as more videos become available )