MIX10 – Day 2

Day 2 of MIX10 was a mixture of Internet Explorer, ASP.NET and oData.

Internet Explorer 9 looks impressive even at this early stage and you can find demos around performance, HTML 5, standards compliance and so on over at the IE Test Drive site;


and download the developer preview and take a look for yourself – I’m running it as of yesterday.

ASP.NET speaks for itself and the newly revamped ASP.NET site is the place to go for info there;


The Open Data Protocol (oData) was something that I was already pretty aware of but putting it into the MIX keynote and then having a number of sessions based around it brought it to the attention of a lot of people who perhaps hadn’t seen it before.

I’ve had something of an association with oData implementation technologies since the early days of “Astoria” and on through the name changes as the client/server pieces because “ADO.NET Data Services” and then “WCF Data Services”.


In my head, I see oData as the standard which adds a few items to AtomPub – such as;

  • how to formulate URIs to represent a query
  • how to describe a RESTful service with metadata
  • how to encode data in a JSON representation
  • how to add batching support to a RESTful service

and ( for .NET implementations ) there’s WCF Data Services for the server side and client side interaction via “Add Service Reference” for desktop/Silverlight applications and also AJAX libraries for web apps.