Silverlight, Bing Maps, Vectors and “Did I blog this or did I just dream it?”

I was looking for an example of how Silverlight content is drawn with vectors that I could use in a slide-deck and it occurred to me to look at Bing Maps.

I think the Bing Maps beta is pretty stunning and I was searching my blog for where I’d made reference to the beta and I realised that I don’t think that I have made reference to it;

I must have just dreamt it. Or, more likely, dropped it onto Twitter.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the Bing Maps beta with Silverlight & PhotoSynth and all that goodness then read this post from Chris and then go and check it out although I warn you that it can eat quite a bit of time once you get playing with it.

Anyway, back to vectors. It’s easy to see the “vector effect” on Bing Maps by just zooming the browser up to 200% or 400% where you can see the quality of the fonts and UI elements such as;



and you can very quickly see where bitmaps are used in the UI like in this weather symbol ( and the maps 🙂 );