Highlights of 2009

I copied this idea from Eric (and Mike) and thought I’d try and drill out my own set of “top 5” blog posts for 2009 as it draws to a close.

Here’s the top 5 most viewed blog posts that I wrote this year;

  1. Silverlight & WPF Control Browser
  2. A quick look at Silverlight 3- Data Validation
  3. A quick look at Silverlight 3- DataForm Control
  4. Silverlight 3 and GPU Acceleration
  5. C# and Optional Parameters

it’s a bit of a mixed-bag in terms of content but from looking at the next 5 down;

I guess I can draw them together under the banner of “Silverlight and WPF” 🙂

In terms of content not written in 2009 but viewed in 2009 the top 5 are ( filtering out any of the previous content );

  1. Windows Communication Foundation- Videos
  2. LINQ to Video #18
  3. A word for WinDbg
  4. Silverlight 2 – Simple Editing of Web Service Data in a DataGrid
  5. A word for WinDbg (2)

Amazing to me that those WinDbg posts are around 5 years old.

So, it feels like 2009 has been a year of Silverlight & WPF for me – let’s see what 2010 brings 🙂