Prism and Silverlight Screencasts on Channel 9

In talking to UK customers about building business applications with Silverlight I often mention Prism or “Composite Application Guidance” that comes from the Patterns and Practices team and I’ve met a few people who either haven’t heard of Prism or have found it a bit hard to get into and so have put it to one side to look at “later”.

I thought I’d take a wander around Prism myself and as part of doing that I put together a bunch of screencasts that I’ve just published to Channel 9 which take a look at a few of the Prism topics like;

  • Dependency Injection
  • Unity
  • Modularity
  • Shells, Regions, Views
  • Commands
  • Event Aggregation

and I also put together a longer screencast that tries to walk through building a simple Silverlight “email client” using the ideas contained in the other screencasts.

I’ve published 10 videos to Channel 9 – the starting point is the big picture below which links to video 1;


and then the videos should all be cross-linked or you can jump to them using the hyperlinks below;